Sweet Little Things//Cupcakes


Sweet Little Things offers custom-designed cupcakes. Below are some flavor inspirations, but the possibilities are endless! Take a look, grab a napkin for your drool, and enjoy. All cupcakes need to be ordered by the dozen per flavor. We're a small home business so making multiple flavors within just one dozen just isn't a possibility yet. 

Wedding inquiries, please email us for more information. Cake tastings are $30, for up to 3 flavors, in the form of cupcakes. You will get a sit-down consultation, and will get to bring a box of a dozen cupcakes home with you.

Specialty Cupcakes ($25/dozen, Vegan** $27/dozen):

French Toast - a fluffy, melt-in-your mouth, sweet cupcakes with subtle spice aromas, topped with a creamy maple buttercream dotted with real bacon pieces

Strawberry Smoothie - a smooth strawberry cupcake with bursts of juicy strawberry pieces, topped with a strawberry buttercream (seasonal)

Chocolate Dream - a rich, moist chocolate cupcake topped with a dollop of sweet vanilla buttercream 

Midnight Chocolate - a fudgey, intense chocolate cupcake with a dark chocolate ganache buttercream

Coconut Dream - a dreamy, pillowy coconut cupcake with a coconut buttercream dipped in coconut dust for sweet coconut dreams (toasted coconut may be requested)

Lemon Cooler - a tangy, yellow lemon cupcake with a sweet and sour lemon buttercream made with fresh lemons

Blueberry Hill - a light vanilla cupcake with bursting blueberries in every bite topped with a smooth vanilla buttercream (seasonal)

Very Vanilla - a spongy, super vanilla cupcake topped with a rich extra vanilla-y buttercream

Devil in Disguise - a devilish, moist chocolate cupcake topped with a creamy milk chocolate buttercream

Rootbeer Float - a creamy rootbeer cupcake (made with your favorite rootbeer of choice) topped with a rootbeer buttercream that brings you back to summer, slurping the fuzz off the top of a smooth rootbeer float (can be made with cream or orange soda too!)

Apple Spice - a spicy, moist apple cupcake that takes on the fall comfort of warm apple cider, topped with a brown sugar cinnamon buttercream

Caramel Apple - a tart, sweet apple cupcake with a cinnamon frosting, drenched in rich, smooth homemade caramel drizzles

Chocolate Chip Cookie - a sweet as molasses cupcake with semi-sweet chocolate chips topped with a cookie dough flavored frosting

Pink Velvet - a velvety smooth, rich cupcake with hints of cocoa embodied in a pink color, topped with a creamy frosting (you can choose any color though!)

Angel's Cloud - a light, sweet white chocolate cupcake, topped with a fluffy, cloud-like white chocolate frosting

Pumpkin Spice (Latte) - a spiced pumpkin cupcake (and a swirl of coffee for the latte!), topped with a whipped buttercream and a sprinkle of pumpkin spice (seasonal)

Eggnog - a rich and creamy spiced eggnog cupcake made with a melt in your mouth eggnog buttercream (seasonal)

Gingerbread - a decadent, spicy gingerbread cupcake topped with a sweet honey cinnamon buttercream (seasonal)

Love Letters (Red Cross) - a sweet and tart raspberry cupcake topped with a juicy blood orange buttercream (seasonal)

Kiwi Strawberry - a sweet strawberry cupcake topped with a juicy, sugary kiwi buttercream

Bittersweet Nothings - a rich, dark chocolate cupcake with a sweet blood orange buttercream on top (seasonal

Malted Milk Ball - a sweet, hint of chocolate malt buttercream topping a rich chocolate cupcake with a malted milk ball on top

Arnold Palmer - a sweet tea and lemonade cupcake with a matching frosting that has a fresh lemon zip to it.

Salted Caramel Banana - a rich, dense banana cupcake topped with a sweet and salted caramel buttercream, sprinkled with fleur de sel.

Chocolate Spice - a dark chocolate cupcake topped with a rich chocolate buttercream laced with spices to give your cupcakes a sweet-heat kick!

Vanilla Latte - a deep, robust coffee cupcake, with a light and creamy vanilla buttercream, sprinkled with coffee grounds and cocoa.

Pomegranate Raspberry -  your choice of a sweet vanilla or rich chocolate cupcake topped with a juicy, sweet pomegranate-raspberry buttercream that is sure to make your mouth water (seasonal)

Pistachio - a rich cupcake dotted with pieces of pistachios, topped with a creamy pistachio buttercream, sprinkled with crushed pistachios

Just Peachy - a sweet peach cupcake topped with a sweet cream and juicy peach butter cream (seasonal)

Dear Santa - a rich chocolate cupcake with a creamy, "hot" cocoa butter cream, topped with tiny marshmallows

Bunny Food - a fluffy cupcake loaded with shredded carrots and spices, topped with a dreamy buttercream (can add raisins at your request!)

Inspired Cupcakes ($24/dozen, Vegan $26/dozen)

Elvis Presley's Peanut Butter Banana - a super moist, spongy banana cupcake topped with a salty-sweet peanut butter buttercream, fit for The King. To channel Elvis even more - ask for bacon to be added to the buttercream!

James Dean's Mocha Raspberry - a bittersweet cupcake with subtle hints of cocoa and espresso, and a burst of raspberry topped with a mocha buttercream

Humphrey Bogart's Spanish Coconut Cream - a creamy coconut cupcake with bold Spanish spices, and smooth coconut buttercream dusted with sweet coconut

Marilyn Monroe's Chocolate Fudge Pie - a rich, chewy chocolate cupcake topped with a dark chocolate buttercream garnished with a pie crust heart

Filled/Topped Cupcakes ($30/dozen, Vegan** $32/dozen)

S'mores - a honey graham cupcake with a gooey marshmallow filling (or chocolate ganache), topped with a milk chocolate buttercream (or a fluffy mashmallow buttercream) and garnished with toasted mini marshmallows

Peppermint Mocha/Chocolate - a smooth mocha cupcake, with a cooling peppermint buttercream, topped with mini peppermint patty candies

Sea Salt Caramel - a rich, dark chocolate cupcake filled with homemade sea salt caramel, a dark chocolate buttercream, drizzled with caramel and garnished with fleur de sel

Lime in the Coconut - a sweet coconut cupcake with a tangy lime bite in the middle, topped with a fresh lime buttercream and garnished with flaked coconut and lime zest

Almond Joy - a moist chocolate cupcake, with a chewy coconut, almond filling, topped with a coconut buttercream, dipped in coconut dust and garnished with a chocolate covered almond

Orange Creamsicle - a juicy orange cupcake with a fluffy marshmallow filling, topped with a fresh squeezed orange buttercream

Jailhouse Rock (Chocolate Cream) - a rich, dark chocolate cupcake with a creamy vanilla filling, topped with a dollop of vanilla buttercream and chocolate drizzle stripes

Reese's/Buckeye - a dark chocolate cupcake, with a peanut butter buttercream, topped with a extra mini Reese's cup or mini buckeye

There's No Place Like Home -  a sweet, red apple cupcake, filled with a dark cherry compote, topped with a bursting tangerine buttercream, garnished with a dollop of compote on top

Oh! Oreo - a vanilla or chocolate cupcake with an Oreo cookie hiding in the middle, topped with a creamy Oreo frosting, garnished with a mini Oreo cookie

Alpha-1 - a french vanilla cupcake with a seedless blackberry jam filling, topped with a white chocolate buttercream

I'd Like Some Salty with My Sweet (Chocolate Covered Pretzel) -   a deep chocolate cupcake, topped with a rich chocolate buttercream, rolled in crushed pretzels (top it with sea salt caramel to make it even more decadent!) with a chocolate covered pretzel on top

Snickers - a chocolaty cupcake with a nougat-y flavored buttercream, topped with caramel, peanuts and a mini snickers candy

Heartbreak Hotel (Chocolate Raspberry) - a raspberry jam filled chocolate cupcake, with a chocolate raspberry buttercream topped with a mini chocolate raspberry cup

Love Me Tender (Vanilla Raspberry) - a light, sweet vanilla cupcake filled with either raspberry jam or raspberry curd, topped with a tart raspberry buttercream

Long Black Limousine - a deep chocolate cupcake, filled with a rich dark chocolate ganache, topped with a smooth chocolate buttercream

Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love - a moist banana cupcake, with a peanut butter buttercream, topped with peanuts and crispy bacon

Can't Help Falling in Love (cherry cordial) - a rich chocolate cupcake with a sweet maraschino cherry in the middle, with a sweet maraschino buttercream and a cherry on top,, drizzled with chocolate

Hot Fudge Sundae - a rich chocolate cupcake, with a sweet vanilla buttercream, drizzled with chocolate fudge, sprinkles, and a cherry on top

Butterscotch Pecan - a light vanilla cupcake with toasted pecans and butterscotch chips folded in, with a sweet butterscotch buttercream and topped with candied pecans

Toffee Crunch - a chocolate or vanilla cupcake dotted with toffee pieces, topped with a toffee buttercream and crushed toffee pieces sprinkled on top

German's Chocolate - a rich, dense chocolate cupcake, topped with a German's chocolate buttercream and coconut pecan icing

German's Forest Cake - a German's chocolate cake with your choice (of what is in season) of forest berries baked in the middle

Key Lime Pie - a fluffy vanilla cupcake atop a vanilla wafer "crust," topped with a tart, juicy lime buttercream that is then rolled into graham cracker dust, garnished with a mini vanilla wafer

Red, White and Blueberry - a blue velvet cupcake with a sweet blueberry filling (fresh blueberries when in season, jam when out of season), topped with a sweet cream buttercream that is painted with red stripes

Thanksgiving Day - a sweet and spicy orange cupcake with and orange spice buttercream, filled with a homemade orange-cranberry sauce

Spiked Cupcakes ($36/dozen, Vegan** $38/dozen. For liquor "shooters," add $5)

Luck of the Irish - a chocolate stout cupcake, filled with a dark chocolate whiskey ganache, topped with an Irish cream buttercream

Chocolate Trifecta - a chocolate stout cupcake, with your choice of liquor milk chocolate ganache, topped with a Chocolate Cake Vodka buttercream

Bananas Foster - a moist banana rum cupcake, with a banana rum caramel filling, topped with a caramel vodka buttercream

Mudslide - a chocolate stout cupcake, filled with a white chocolate Kahlua ganache, topped with an Irish cream buttercream

White Russian - a moist mocha cupcake, with a white chocolate Kahlua ganache, topped with a vanilla vodka buttercream

Orange Cream - a sweet, orange liqueur cupcake, filled with a Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka fluff, topped with an orange liqueur buttercream

Margarita - a tangy lime cupcake, with a tart tequila lime center, topped with a tequila lime buttercream

Creme De Menthe - a deep chocolate cupcake, smothered in a creamy, melt in your mouth Creme De Menthe buttercream

"Jack Frost" or Rum & Coke - a sweet Coca-Cola cupcake topped with your choice of Jack Daniels or Rum buttercream

Great Lakes Christmas Ale - a sweet, Christmas Ale cupcake made with a blend of spices and honey, topped with a Christmas Ale buttercream (seasonal)

A Little Less Conversation - a bubbly sweet cupcake made up of a strawberry cupcake topped with a moscato buttercream

Pot of Gold  - a deep flavored Guinness vanilla cupcake topped with a Smithwick's buttercream

Vanilla Java Porter - a robust Atwater (or available brand) vanilla java porter cupcake with a creamy Atwater buttercream

Nutty Irishman - a vanilla (or chocolate) Irish stout cupcake topped with a peanut butter and stout buttercream that will make you want to do a jig

Rosé All Day - a fluffy, rosé cupcake, dotted with raspberries, topped with a sweet rosé buttercream

Wine About It - a delectable red wine chocolate cupcake smothered in a red wine buttercream (perfect for a bad day, girls nights, or if you simply want a wine pairing in one easy bite!)


**Some flavors are not available as Vegan. Please inquire first! I'll do my best to turn them Vegan.

Also, some long-time customers may notice that some flavors are missing (like cream cheese frosting, tiramisu, cassatta or cannoli cupcakes). In order to fall under the Cottage Food Laws in the state of Ohio, all baked good must be shelf stable, and not need refrigeration. I'm working on formulating these flavors into non-refrigerated items. I hope you all understand, as these were some of my favorite flavors too!